We have costume and dance accessories for performers and dancers.  If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us.  We would love to help you with whatever your performance needs.

Dasha Designs Ballerina Doll 6280

An adorable plush dolly with spiral curly hair wearing a polyester tutu covered with silver hearts. The top as well as the hair bow have shining silver accents.


Dasha Designs Dance Hippo 6282

A large adorable plush hippo wearing a pink satin headband and pink polyester tutu covered with silver hearts.


Dasha Designs Gotta Dance Bear 6284

A great gift for any dancer. This light brown bear has a pink polyester bow around its neck and is holding a satin ribbon lined heart with “GOTTA DANCE” stitched in the middle.


Dasha Designs Rising Star Bear 6283

The perfect gift for every shining star. This soft bear has a polyester bow around its neck holding a satin ribbon lined pink heart stitched with “Rising Star”


Dasha Designs Dance Puppy 6268

Super soft plush brown and white Papillion puppy wearing a 3 layer pink polyester tutu with silver hearts on the top layer. Its black button eyes stand out with the surrounding glittery pink color.


Dasha Designs Dance Elephant 6270

A small grey plush elephant with a pink dance medallion sewn in the neck, adorable pink and silver glittery bow, and cute black button eyes highlighted by glittery pink surrounding color. The 3 layer polyester tutu is adorned with shining, silver stars on


Dream Craft Spiky Massage Ball

PROVIDES MUSCLE SORENESS RELIEF when and where you need it most.


Dream Craft Pirouette SpinBoard

The SPINBOARD is a training tool for dancers. It promotes proper body and arm position during pirouettes.


Sassi Designs Zebra Heart Dance Tote ZHD-03

This smart tote features a beautifully screen printed zebra heart with "Dance" embroidered in the center. It comes with an inside pocket and matching Personal I.D. Tag.


Sassi Designs Zebra Print Medium Tote ZBR-02

This classy medium tote features Zebra print, Fringe, Embroidery and a Shoe Compartment in the bottom! Can be personalized.


Sassi Designs Pink Hearts Sparkle SPK-02

Pink sparkle hearts dance duffel bag


Suffolk Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener 1561

Pointe shoe paste hardener by Suffolk


Sassi Designs Small Lollipop Tote POP-01

Sassi Designs Small Lollipop Tote


Horizon Bravo Duffel 1042

Ballerina Duffel Dance Bag


Sassi Designs Hearts N Flowers HNF-02

Sassi Designs Hearts N Flowers Dance Bag


Sassi Designs Ballet Shoe BAL-11

Sassi Designs Ballet Shoe Dance Bag


Dasha Designs Multi Color Dance Duffel 4997

A canvas duffle highlighted by neon, holographic colors spelling the word “DANCE” in block letters. There is a hot pink outer mesh pocket on one side and a solid pocket on the other as well as an inner zipper pocket.

Measures approximately 15.5” x 9” x


Horizon Emmie Garment Bag 6627

Dance Garment bag By Horizon Dance


Horizon Black Dots Duffel 1009

Polka Dot Tote Dance Bag


Pointe People Pointe Shoe Paint

Pointe Paint is the first product introduced by Pointe People™. Pointe Paint is a dedicated satin or canvas shoe dye that enables you to dye or matte pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers instantaneously and hassle-free.


36" Classic Knit Legwarmers by Capezio CS103

36" Classic Knit Legwarmers by Capezio CS103