Legwarmers, dance wraps and shrugs, knit shorts, cover ups and more. 

Gaynor Minden Sweater Tight

Gaynor Minden sweater tights are a perfect combination of a legging and a tight, making them super soft, and warm!

$25.95 $15.57

Bloch Textured Knit Legwarmer CW5530

Knit legwarmers are a must-have that every dancer should covet during the cooler season.


Bloch Textured Knit Leg Warmer W5520

The perfect addition to your winter dancewear wardrobe!


Capezio Hipster Short- NTGSHRT

Hipster short is made of 84% acrylic and 16% nylon to form to the body and hold its shape. Layer these shorts over tights and a leotard for a cute warm up look.

$23.95 $14.37

Eurotard Women's Soft Knit 28" Legwarmers 2627

These classic knit legwarmers have reinforced elastic leg and foot openings and generate maximum heat to keep your muscles nice and toasty.


Eurotard Adult 36" Stirrup Legwarmers

These ribbed knit legwarmers are 36" long and designed to reach just above the knee with a close fit.


CJ Merchantile 10" Legwarmers

These leg warmers keep little legs comfortable at dance class and more!


Suffolk 14" Childs Legwarmers 6005

Suffolk's stirrup leg warmers are the perfect accessory to wear while warming up for class or a performance.


Eurotard 12" Plush Plaid Legwarmer 72526c

Polyester/Spandex fuzzy legwarmers by Eurotard. 12"


Bloch Rib Knee Leg Warmer CW0973

Bloch leg warmer that has a ribbed knee.


Eurotard 14" Contrast Trim Leg Warmer 72509C

The Contrast Trim Leg Warmer by Eurotard is sure to warm up your little dancer!