Dancewear shoe accessories.  Taps and ribbons, gel inserts, toe pillow and lambs wool are just a few of the shoe extras you may need.

So Danca Warm Up Booties AC13

Keep muscles warm before and after performance or rehearsal with these booties. Can be worn on bare foot, or over dance shoes.


Pointe People Pointe Shoe Paint

Pointe Paint is the first product introduced by Pointe People™. Pointe Paint is a dedicated satin or canvas shoe dye that enables you to dye or matte pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers instantaneously and hassle-free.


Suffolk Toe Tape 1534

5 Yard Roll of 1 inch wide Self-Adhesive Toe Tape.


Suffolk Portable Foot Roller 1569

Portable, easy to use tool for massaging a dancer's feet.


Bunheads® Pro Pad® Large Toe Pads

Bunheads® Pro Pad® Large Toe Pads BH1215


Bunheads® Space Pack® BH1045

Comes with 2 100% gel Spacers and 2 Spacemakers per package.


Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.®

Dance freely and alleviate pressure in your pointe shoes with the Ouch Pouch Jr.®. The crescent shaped pad has a thin layer of gel material inside a fabric pouch. Best suited for wider foot or for the dancer who prefers a little less padding than the Ouch


So Danca Nylon Warm Up Booties BT-20

* Made for indoor/outdoor wear
* Water resistant nylon upper
* Inner plush lining for cushioning underfoot


Bloch Floral Print Bootie IM009FP

Bloch's best selling warm up booties in new floral prints!


Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon A0528 Pink

Classic looking satin stretch ribbon that allows for the natural flexion and extension of ankle and heel.


Bloch Prima Pro Pad A910

The Professional Choice! Lightweight silicone pad to be worn with pointe shoes for protection while 'en pointe'.


Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 4 oz BH408

Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 4 oz


Suffolk Matte Stretch Ribbon 1565

These ribbons create a clean, smooth, and tight fit while remaining flexible and comfortable.


Bloch City Map Bootie IM019

Make a statement in NEW Multi-function booties now available in London, Paris, and New York city prints!


Suffolk Pointe Shoe Ribbon 1507

Suffolk’s Set of Ribbon is two pieces of 45-inch double-sided ribbons. This is enough ribbon to sew one pair of pointe shoes.


Ballet Rocks Toe Candy

Candy for your toes. Perfect for all your dance shoes when you need a little more spring or cushion. A little goes a long way.

Soft, silky, resilient, wicking - exceptional breathability, protects from blisters & bacteria. Grape (purple), Bubblegum (b


Suffolk Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener 1561

Pointe shoe paste hardener by Suffolk


Suffolk Drawstring Threader 1554

Tool to assist in adding a drawstring to a ballet shoe or pointe shoe. Replace missing drawstrings or replace a cotton drawstring with an elastic drawstring.


Bunheads Rainbow Lambs Wool BH401

Bunheads Rainbow Lambs Wool. 1 oz three color lambs wool.


So Danca Pointe Shoe Cover AC-09

Pointe shoe covers with suede bottom



Suffolk's Sewing Tube contains 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon thread dyed exclusively for Suffolk to match the satin used on our pointe shoes, two sewing needles, and a self-contained stainless cutter.