Training Tools

Dream Craft Spiky Massage Ball

PROVIDES MUSCLE SORENESS RELIEF when and where you need it most.


Dream Craft Pirouette SpinBoard

The SPINBOARD is a training tool for dancers. It promotes proper body and arm position during pirouettes.


Suffolk Massage Roller Stick 1539

Suffolk 18" Massage Roller Stick


Suffolk Foam Roller 1541

Foam outer layer surrounds a hard plastic layer for strength. The inter solid core is made of a high density foam. 13 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter.


Suffolk Limber Loop 1540

Heavy duty stretch band designed specifically for dancers to work on extension and flexibility.


Suffolk Massage Ball 1530

2.25 inch rubber massage ball


Suffolk Balance Board 1542

Skid resistant wooden upper with plastic balance dome.
16 inch diameter.