Ambassador Search for BP Dancewear

Ambassador Search for BP Dancewear

BP Dancewear in now searching for ambassadors! We will be accepting applications though June 1st, 2019.

We are excited to announce we are currently searching for ambassadors for the 2019/2020 school year. We will be selecting dancers that are passionate about dance and our brand! We are looking for dancers who have an active social media profile, that love to connect with other dancers!

As a BP Dancewear ambassador, you will receive our latest dancewear and discounts with our shop.  In return, we ask you show off Bp Designs on your social media platform. 

How to apply: 

Make sure to Follow us on Instagram:



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 Share our Ambassador Search with all your friends on Instagram, Make sure to tag us so we can see your posts! 

Fill out our Application! 

Start Application by Clicking Here


Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2019. Winners will be notified via email by June 15th, 2019. 





  1. Evey Bradley Evey Bradley

    I love Black and Pink dancewear!!! I would be honored to be an ambassador and represent the Black and Pink brand I have been wearing for years! What an exciting opportunity!

  2. Lilly Lilly

    This is a amazing opportunity I have always loved this dance brand. I love how affordable and high quality it is. I always get compliments on how pretty it is. I can’t wait for the ambassadors to be announced!!

  3. Samantha Samantha

    This would be an amazing opportunity. I love your account and your dance wear. I would be honored to represent you. And I can do it on my private account and my dance account!

  4. Addison Addison

    I LOVE all your beautiful dance wear! I recommend this to everyone!! It would be an honor to be able to model for this company

  5. Kaila Kaila

    Your dance wear is amazing. It’s awesome quality, so stunning and just breathtaking in general. I’d love the opportunity to help out your company and to be able to promote an amazing business like yours. Every time I see your clothes I just want to spend $1000 on them they’re so amazing and I love to be able to help your company grow And to show off all your amazing clothes to my friends and family’s and followers so that They can see how great they are. Instagram= kaila_dancer

  6. Ana Ramos Ana Ramos

    Bp dance wear. i love their products! Their products are creative and beautiful and different from others.! It would be an honor to be an ambassador! I would love wearing their products to dance class and get to show them off.

  7. Claire Riegler Claire Riegler

    I would love to be an ambassador for BP dancewear because every dancewear they make is so beautiful. They seem like a such nice company and I would love to represent them!!

  8. Sophia Cole Sophia Cole

    I love shopping at BP Dacewear! This would be such a fun and amazing opportunity. Dancing is my life and I have so much passion for dance. I live in the area and would be available at anytime.

  9. Kayeleigh Cooper Kayeleigh Cooper

    I have bought my dancewear from bp since I started dancing and haven’t gone anywhere else because I love it, I would love to be an ambassador to show off the dancewear and spread it through social media, and who doesn’t want a chance at meeting new dance friends and teammates !?

  10. Eva Condom Eva Condom

    I would love to be an ambassador for BP Dancewear! I would show case your dance wear anyway I can! At a convention, in my studio and in social media!

  11. Sam Velie Sam Velie

    I love all your dance wear and I would love to show case it at convention, in the studio and in social media!

  12. Isabelle Tang (@belle.dancer) Isabelle Tang (@belle.dancer)

    This is INCREDIBLE! I have admired your brand since I got my Instagram! This would be a dream come true!!! If I get chosen, I would post myself in your dnacewear like all the time!

  13. Remi Remi

    I absolutely love all of BP dancewear Leotards the best! You guys are so different then any other dancewear company. I love making new dance friends as teammates and as fellow ambassadors this would be so incredible!❤️

  14. Taylor Landis Taylor Landis

    I absolutely love my comfy BP Dancewear! They are my favorite leotards to wear to dance class! Can’t wait for the ambassadors to be announced!

  15. Ava Grace Mazuchowski Ava Grace Mazuchowski

    I would love to be an ambassador for BP Dancewear! There dancewear is elegant and beautiful but at the same time force and strong! They are the kindest people ever and put care into each piece of dancewear they create. It oils be an honor to represent there brand!

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