Bloch footed dance tight is a comfortable and durable dance tight.



Bloch Footless dance tight is durable and comfortable. Footless dance tight perfect for switching between dance class.



Sizes in Girls Sizes


Prima-Soft One Size Convertible Tights

Prima Soft one size fits most convertible tights.


MiniMinden Convertible Tights

The tights your child will actually enjoy putting on.

The softest, stretchiest microfiber. Soft Waist band, Convertible tights.
Comfortable, plush waistbands.
Robustly reinforced seams and openings.


BP Dancewear Youth Convertible Tights 7D

Convertible Tights for Girls, with soft waistband.


Bloch Elite Adaptatoe Tights T1935G

Bloch Adaptatoe Tights feature a soft waistband and a fabric that is durable and comfortable.


CAPEZIO Ultra Soft Footed Tight 1915C

Capezio super soft dance tights.


1808 Capezio Ultra Shimmer Tights

You won't be able to hide your glow when you wear the Ultra Shimmery Tight. The plush, elastic waistband holds the tight securely in place. This footed tight is seamless to create a sleek profile for layering dancewear. Shimmery fabric will add extra spar



Durable and soft full length body stocking with convertible foot and detachable straps in nude and clear.


Capezio Ultra Soft Stirrup Tight 1961X

Capezio Ultra Soft Stirrup Tight 1961X


Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH® Fishnet Tights A67

Body wrappers adult and youth fishnet tights!


Capezio Over-The-Boot Microfiber Skating Tights 1812C

This tight offers supreme comfort and additional protection against the elements. Features include a comfortable 1" plush waistband and dyed-to-match gusset for color uniformity.


CAPEZIO Classic Mesh Tight 19C

Dancers move with a little extra moxie in the Mesh Transition® Tight. The self knit waistband holds the tight securely in place without the discomfort of elastic. Features a convertible option for a footed or footless tight.


Body Wrappers Ultimate Shimmer Footed Tights C55

Ultimate shimmer footed tights enhance the muscle tone in the legs with superior light catching properties.


Seamless Fishnet Tights C61

Seamless fishnet tights have an ultra soft finish.


Capezio® Professional Fishnet Tight 3000C

The professional’s choice from Broadway to Ballroom! Extreme durability and hold is complimented by a secure 1” plush elastic waistband and built in smooth sock lining which provides comfort under the foot. A true classic!


CAPEZIO Mesh Transition Tights 9C

Capezio Mesh Transition Convertible Tight.


Capezio Ultra Soft Footless Tight 1917C 1917X

Capezio ultra soft footless tights!


Capezio® Studio Basic Fishnet Tight 3407C (8-12)

Capezio® Studio Basic Fishnet Tight 3407C (8-12)


CAPEZIO Youth Footless Tight 1817C

Capezio Ultra Soft regular rise ankle length tights.