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Pointe Essentials

Gaynor Minden Gaynor Blister Dots Packet

Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation,
help prot..

Capezio Bunheads® Toe Tape - 60 yds BH370

Toe Tape reduces friction in pointe shoes, and prevents chaf..


RP Toe Tape is made of cloth-like adhesive material that con..

Honeycut Honeycut Matcha Mesh Wrap Top

Honeycut's exclusive mesh-wrap long sleeved layering piece. ..

EUROTARD Eurotard Women's Soft Knit 28" Legwarmers 2627

These classic knit legwarmers have reinforced elastic leg an..

Bloch Bloch B-Safe Printed Mask W/Lanyard Kids and Adult

The stretch fabric with adjustable ear loops and nasal adjus..

Suffolk Suffolk Kinesiology Tape 1560

Kinesiology Tape is a lightweight and flexible tape with gre..

Pointe People Pointe People Pointe Shoe Paint

Pointe Paint is the first product introduced by Pointe Peopl..
$12.00 $7.20

Dream Craft SuperiorBand Elastic Stretch Loop Band

The SuperiorBand® is the Dry Natural Rubber (DNR) Elastic ..

Suffolk Suffolk Sewing Kit 1525

Suffolk's Sewing Tube contains 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon ..

Pillows for Pointes Pillows For Pointes Sweet Feet

Pillows for Pointe Sweet Feet Spray is a dance bag essential..

Covet Dance Dancer Foot Care Kit

Part of our #DancerProblems Collection, this adorable pouch ..

Superior Stretch Clover Band Resistance Band

Latex Resistance Band Strip. Level 4 Black. Progressive resi..

Suffolk Alignment Belt 1526

Alignment Belt is .75 inches wide with a sturdy clasp for ea..

Suffolk Suffolk Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener 1561

Pointe shoe paste hardener by Suffolk

Suffolk Suffolk Toe Tape 1534

5 Yard Roll of 1 inch wide Self-Adhesive Toe Tape.

Capezio Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 12 oz BH409

Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 12 oz BH409

Bloch Rosin Spray A0302

Non Slip Professional in an easy spray adds friction between..
Free Shipping Over $100
No Hassle Returns
Curbside Pickup Available
Text Line Anytime 918-238-4205