Training tools for Dancers

Bloch B-Safe Printed Mask W/Lanyard Kids and Adult

The stretch fabric with adjustable ear loops and nasal adjuster form a perfect breathe easy fit whatever your face shape.


Suffolk Foam Roller 1541

Foam outer layer surrounds a hard plastic layer for strength. The inter solid core is made of a high density foam. 13 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter.


Superior Stretch Short Leg Bands Set of 4

Latex Resistance Band Strip. Set of 4. Offers progressive resistance levels. Resistance increases with each band level: Orange=Level 1, Yellow=Level 2, Green=Level 3, Blue=Level 4. Band size is 12" flat.


Dream Craft Stretchmax Door Stretching Strap

Superior design with a welded chrome D-Ring for easy slide and a soft secure door-stop, eliminating door damage from large metal washers.


Suffolk Massage Roller 1568

Handheld massage roller that targets even the most difficult to reach areas.


Flexifoot Foot Stretcher

This foot stretcher will help gain strength in the feet.


Dream Craft SuperiorBand Elastic Stretch Loop Band

The SuperiorBand® is the Dry Natural Rubber (DNR) Elastic Stretch Loop Band with Micro-Ridge Anti-Slip Technology used by thousands of students and professionals.


Bloch Sox Style A1000

Blochsox were designed to enhance your contemporary dance training by providing you with a variety of enhanced features that will make you never want to wear regular socks for training, ever again.
XS-2-4, S-5-6, M-7-8, L-9-10


Suffolk Portable Foot Roller 1569

Portable, easy to use tool for massaging a dancer's feet.


Superior Stretch Clover Band Resistance Band

Latex Resistance Band Strip. Level 4 Black. Progressive resistance increases with each band level: Pink=Level 1, Red=Level 2, Blue=Level 3, Black=Level 4. Strip size is 4" x 48".


Gaynor Blister Dots Packet

Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation,
help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure
on sensitive areas.


Suffolk 4 Pack Toe Tape 1544

4 count pack of 1 inch wide self adhesive toe tape. Each pack contains one of each of the following colors: Pink, Blue, Green, and Nude.


Suffolk Toe Tape 1534

5 Yard Roll of 1 inch wide Self-Adhesive Toe Tape.


Suffolk Kinesiology Tape 1560

Kinesiology Tape is a lightweight and flexible tape with great adhesive qualities that can stretch and recoil with the skin while the body is in motion. Rehabilitative taping is designed to facilitate the body’s healing process, while providing support an


Dream Craft SuperiorArch Upper Arch Foot Stretcher

Dream Craft SuperiorArch Upper Arch Foot Stretcher with wood base and high density foam pads.


Pillows For Pointes Roll on Body Glue

Roll in Body Glue holds leotards and costumes in place!


Bunheads Bunion Guard BH1048

It's a bunion and toe spreader in one. Eases bunion pain, reduces pressure on MP joint and provides proper toe alignment


Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 4 oz BH408

Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 4 oz


Pillows For Pointes Sweet Feet

Pillows for Pointe Sweet Feet Spray is a dance bag essential. This deodorizing foot spray is non-aerosol and all natural. Sweet Feet Spray was developed by dancers for dancers.