CHARACTER SHOES for Dance and Performance

Character shoes we offer come in heel height from 1.5 inches to 3 inches.  They may be converted to tap shoes by attaching taps.  Character shoes are a great choice for performance and dance. 

Capezio Jr. Footlight Character Shoe 550

Capezio Adult 1.5" Character Shoe


Sansha Prima Teacher Shoe TE2L

Easy slip-on teaching shoe has a comfortable elastic strap across the top. leather upper, suede split-sole and a 1" heel. Ideal for switching between multiple disciplines of dance.


Capezio® 3" Leather Character Shoe 656

3" leather character by Capezio


Capezio Duo-tone Heel

Heel Tap Accessories


Capezio TeleTone Toe Tap

TeleTone Toe Tap for Tap Shoes


Capezio Jr. Footlight Character Shoe 550A

Capezio Adult 1.5" Character Shoe



The perfect low-heeled character shoe! Orthotics are welcomed inside this style


Capezio 829W Charlotte 2.5" Character shoe

Capezio T-strap character/ballroom shoe!


Bloch Splitflex II Character Shoe S0392L

2 1/2" Leather Character Shoe with Suede Outsole


Dance Now Character Shoe DN306L

Black 2.5" Character Shoe


Capezio® 2" Adult Student Footlight™ Leather Character/Tap 650

Full grain leather upper with folded edges, padded insole with arch support and a notched heel are some of the features that make this character shoe the ultimate in comfort and quality.


Capezio Teletone Heel Tap

Aluminum Heel Tap



So Danca Adult 1.5" Character Shoe


So Danca 3" Character Shoe CH53

So Danca 3" Character Shoe


So Danca 2" Character Shoe CH52

So Danca Adult 2" Character Shoe