Pointe shoe toe pads, pointe shoe ribbons and elastic, lamb's wool and more.  All the pointe shoe accessories you need to help protect your feet.


Pillows for Pointes Pocket Rosin 2 oz

Personal size of crushed rock rosin in a small resealable plastic bag. Safe, cleaner and more economical to use. 2 oz. of crushed rosin, light pale yellow color.


Pillows for Pointes Xtra Long Super Gellows

The Pillows for Pointe Super Gellows add comfort to your pointe shoes and help reduce impact to the foot. These "Extra Long" Super Gellows have higher wings and are designed for dancers with long toes or feet with bunions.


Bunheads Bunion Guard BH1048

It's a bunion and toe spreader in one. Eases bunion pain, reduces pressure on MP joint and provides proper toe alignment


Bloch Double Face Soft Ribbon A0531

Pre-cut double-faced satin ribbon for your pointe shoes. Boasts superior quality satin finish ribbon on both sides.


Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.®

Dance freely and alleviate pressure in your pointe shoes with the Ouch Pouch Jr.®. The crescent shaped pad has a thin layer of gel material inside a fabric pouch. Best suited for wider foot or for the dancer who prefers a little less padding than the Ouch


Suffolk Matte Stretch Ribbon 1565

These ribbons create a clean, smooth, and tight fit while remaining flexible and comfortable.


Pillows For Pointes Body Glide

Protects against rubbing that causes chafed, raw, irritated skin. Fortified with Vitamins A, B, E and F to help skin retain moisture and softness.


Pillows For Pointes Pointe Shoe Pillowcase

Open mesh drawstring bag for storing and airing pointe shoes.


Russian Pointe Double Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag

RP mesh pointe shoe bags are as stylish as they are practical, in three striking color combinations.


Gaynor Blister Dots Packet

Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation,
help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure
on sensitive areas.


Bunheads Stretch Ribbon

Bunheads elasticized stretch ribbon for pointe shoes.


Bloch Mini Pointe Shoe Keychain A604MP

A cute and tiny pointe shoe for on-the-go! Modelled after Bloch pointe shoes, this mini keyring has a traditional satin finish and comes in 6 colors. It is the perfect accessory for a dancer's ballet bag and makes a great gift!


Bloch Black Pointe Shoe Bag A317

Open mesh drawstring bag for storing and airing pointe shoes.


Bloch Prima Pro Pad A910

The Professional Choice! Lightweight silicone pad to be worn with pointe shoes for protection while 'en pointe'.


Eurotard Toe Pads 993

Protects toes from irritation, Soft and lightweight, Flat, comfortable seaming, Low profile undetectable in pointe shoes, Bunion protection.


Bloch Odor Eliminator A0301

The Odor Eliminator is perfect for keeping your dance shoes dry.


Suffolk Crescent Toe Pad 1518

Suffolk’s large toe pad is made with a thin layer of gel covered in cloth. It is designed for comfort and protection. It is also available in small and medium.


Suffolk Pointe Shoe Ribbon 1507

Suffolk’s Set of Ribbon is two pieces of 45-inch double-sided ribbons. This is enough ribbon to sew one pair of pointe shoes.