Pointe shoe toe pads, pointe shoe ribbons and elastic, lamb's wool and more.  All the pointe shoe accessories you need to help protect your feet.


Pointe People Pointe Shoe Paint

Pointe Paint is the first product introduced by Pointe People™. Pointe Paint is a dedicated satin or canvas shoe dye that enables you to dye or matte pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers instantaneously and hassle-free.


Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.® Large Toe Pads

Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.® Large Toe Pads. Reversible toe pad


So Danca Pointe Shoe Cover AC-09

Pointe shoe covers with suede bottom


Bloch Mini Pointe Shoe Keychain A604MP

A cute and tiny pointe shoe for on-the-go! Modelled after Bloch pointe shoes, this mini keyring has a traditional satin finish and comes in 6 colors. It is the perfect accessory for a dancer's ballet bag and makes a great gift!


Suffolk Toe Tape 1534

5 Yard Roll of 1 inch wide Self-Adhesive Toe Tape.


Bunheads® Space Pack® BH1045

Comes with 2 100% gel Spacers and 2 Spacemakers per package.


Gaynor Blister Dots Packet

Cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation,
help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure
on sensitive areas.


Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon A0528 Pink

Classic looking satin stretch ribbon that allows for the natural flexion and extension of ankle and heel.


Suffolk Drawstring Threader 1554

Tool to assist in adding a drawstring to a ballet shoe or pointe shoe. Replace missing drawstrings or replace a cotton drawstring with an elastic drawstring.


Bunheads® Pro Pad® Large Toe Pads

Bunheads® Pro Pad® Large Toe Pads BH1215


Pillows For Pointes Gellows

Gel on one side and seamless sock on the other


Ballet Rocks Toe Candy

Candy for your toes. Perfect for all your dance shoes when you need a little more spring or cushion. A little goes a long way.

Soft, silky, resilient, wicking - exceptional breathability, protects from blisters & bacteria. Grape (purple), Bubblegum (b


Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 12 oz BH409

Bunheads® Rock Rosin - 12 oz BH409


Bunheads Rainbow Lambs Wool BH401

Bunheads Rainbow Lambs Wool. 1 oz three color lambs wool.


Bunheads® Spacers™ BH1043

Made to prevent nails from cutting into adjacent toes. Can be comfortably worn on pointe. Also takes pressure off soft corns. 6 per package.


Bloch Odor Eliminator A0301

The Odor Eliminator is perfect for keeping your dance shoes dry.


Suffolk Wide Pointe Shoe Elastic 1514

Suffolk’s Set of 1 Inch Wide Elastic is 18-inches in length. It's woven elastic that has a high quality look and feel, which is the best for sewing pointe shoes. The woven elastic is made from dense interlocking threads that produce a premium product.


Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.® Small Toe Pads

Bunheads® Ouch Pouch Jr.® Small Toe Pads BH1094


Gaynor Minden English Ribbon

Soft, double-faced, pale peachy pink pointe shoe ribbon.


Russian Pointe Double Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag

RP mesh pointe shoe bags are as stylish as they are practical, in three striking color combinations.