Covet Dance

Covet Dance Make Your Pointe Side Slit Tee

Effectively express yourself while you warm up in this uber-soft side slit tee. The fabric is so luscious you'll never want to take the shirt off...not even for dance class.


Covet Dance Dancer Hashtag Racerback Tank

Are you addicted to Social Media too? This soft tank is imprinted with all the perfect tags for you. #dancer #beautiful #artist #obsessed #passionate #pain #sacrifice #loveit #sore muscles #soworthit #strong #pretty #graceful #athlete #fierce #flexible #p


Covet Dance Thermal Joggers

Cozy up with these cute DANCER pants. The "waffle" thermal fabric helps you warm up quickly and stay warm during dance class and rehearsals.


Covet Dance Dancer Problem Kit

Dancer Problems Kit of clever remedies to common dancer problems.

The pouch is filled with solutions for everyday emergencies dancers face during practice and performance. Whether in studio or on stage, keep this hardworking little kit handy in your da


Covet Dance Barre Balm

Sweeten your feet after class with the Sugarplum Barre Balm. It's wonderfully sweet delectable cotton candy essence has hints of jasmine and musk. The fabulous natural ingredients will soothe your aching feet after a long day of dance.

These amazing tu