Dasha Designs

Dasha Designs Dance Puppy 6268

Super soft plush brown and white Papillion puppy wearing a 3 layer pink polyester tutu with silver hearts on the top layer. Its black button eyes stand out with the surrounding glittery pink color.


Dasha Designs Dance Elephant 6270

A small grey plush elephant with a pink dance medallion sewn in the neck, adorable pink and silver glittery bow, and cute black button eyes highlighted by glittery pink surrounding color. The 3 layer polyester tutu is adorned with shining, silver stars on


Dasha Designs Neon Zebra Tote Blue 4940

Clear sequins overlay the dance logo bags creating a beautiful sparkling effect. The tote has an interior pocket on the front side and solid color back, making this perfect for embroidery.


Dasha Designs Multi Color Dance Duffel 4997

A canvas duffle highlighted by neon, holographic colors spelling the word “DANCE” in block letters. There is a hot pink outer mesh pocket on one side and a solid pocket on the other as well as an inner zipper pocket.

Measures approximately 15.5” x 9” x


Dasha Solitaire Post Earring 2709

Solitaire performance earrings give a unique look to any recital, competition, or pageant costume!


Dasha 12mm/17mm Post/Clip Earring 2710

Performance Earrings great for recitals, competitions, and pageants!


Dasha 8mm/13mm Post/Clip Earrings 2712

Performance Earrings great for recitals, competitions, and pageants!


Stretch Rhinestone Choker by Dasha Designs

Dasha Stretch Rhinestone Choker 2792
3 rows of rhinestones all the way around and has a fold over clap to keep it very secure on your neck! A perfect durable rhinestone choker to add glitz and glamour to any performance!

Measures approximately 13"


Ballerina Necklace by Dasha Designs

Ballerina Necklace by Dasha Designs 2775. Sparkling ballerinas accented with stones. Makes a great recital gift or a fun piece of jewelry for everyday.
Stones are available in 3 great colors: Pink, Multi, or Crystal


Dasha Stretch Rhinestone Pony 2730

Dasha Stretch Rhinestone Pony 2730
A beautiful stone stretch pony can wraps around any size pony. Great for stage and performances!
8 rows with 15 rhinestones per row.


Dasha 14mm/20mm Post Earring 2708

Performance earrings perfect for recital, competition, or pageants.


Dasha Sweet Feet Foot Spray 2451

Dasha Sweet Feet Foot Spray 2451. One bottle of sweet feet foot spray.


Dasha Feather Hair Clip 2336

These beautiful feather hair clips make a perfect addition to any costume or just for fun. Available in 6 colors. Attach with alligator clip or can be pinned on clothing.


Dasha Crochet Bun Cover 2119

Dasha basic stretch crochet large buncover.


Dasha Small Rhinestone Buncover 2111S

A smaller version of our most popular satin ribbon crochet buncover. Rhinestones cover entire buncover. This size is perfect for those with less hair, or for the smaller dancer. See product 2111 for the large version.


Dasha Rhinestone Knit Buncover 2111

Our most popular satin ribbon crochet buncover. Large rhinestones cover entire buncover. Great for performances.
Available in popular colors to coordinate with your costumes/outfits.