Pillows for Pointes

Pillows For Pointes Body Glide

Protects against rubbing that causes chafed, raw, irritated skin. Fortified with Vitamins A, B, E and F to help skin retain moisture and softness.


Pillows For Pointes Pointe Shoe Pillowcase

Open mesh drawstring bag for storing and airing pointe shoes.


Pillows for Pointes Gel Heel Grips

Designed to protect heels from rubbing and causing blisters as well as providing snug fit for your shoes.


Pillows For Pointes Lambs Curl Toe Pillows

Soft lambs curl toe pillows with exclusive soft seam.


Pillows For Pointes Roll on Body Glue

Roll in Body Glue holds leotards and costumes in place!


Pillows For Pointes Gel Tip Toe Pillows

Lambs curl toe pillows with a unique gel tip.


Pillows For Pointes Gellows

Gel on one side and seamless sock on the other


Pillows For Pointes Super Gellows

Cool max seamless sock on both sides.


Pillows For Pointes Loose Lambs Wool

One ounce of the purest wool, sterilized for purity.