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Suffolk Seaside Empire Pinch Princess Tank

Floral print empire tank leotard with pinch front, princess ..

Suffolk Suffolk High Neck Open Back Leo 2005A

Mock turtleneck leotard with mesh straps and open back. Made..

Suffolk Suffolk Butt Glue 1564

- 2 oz.
- The perfect solution for keeping costumes in plac..

Suffolk Suffolk Matte Stretch Ribbon 1565

These ribbons create a clean, smooth, and tight fit while re..

Suffolk Suffolk Portable Foot Roller 1569

Portable, easy to use tool for massaging a dancer's feet.

Suffolk Suffolk Crescent Toe Pad 1518

Suffolk’s large toe pad is made with a thin layer of gel c..

Suffolk Suffolk Kinesiology Tape 1560

Kinesiology Tape is a lightweight and flexible tape with gre..

Suffolk Suffolk Braless Concealers 1563

Bra-less Concealers are soft and flexible to form to curves ..

Suffolk Suffolk Pointe Shoe Ribbon 1507

Suffolk’s Set of Ribbon is two pieces of 45-inch double-si..

Suffolk Suffolk Bun Buddies Small 1521

Suffolk’s Bun Buddy is made of netted foam. It comes in bl..

Suffolk Suffolk Big Toe Spacer 1537

Designed to keep the toes in alignment when on pointe and ca..

Suffolk Suffolk Toe Tape 1534

5 Yard Roll of 1 inch wide Self-Adhesive Toe Tape.

Suffolk Suffolk Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener 1561

Pointe shoe paste hardener by Suffolk

Suffolk Suffolk Stockton Leotard 2090

Mesh three quarter sleeve leotard with low ‘V-back’ deta..

Suffolk Suffolk Sewing Kit 1525

Suffolk's Sewing Tube contains 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon ..


Suffolk’s Spacers come with two small and two medium space..


Suffolk’s Spacer Saver is a tub filled with anti-bacterial..

Suffolk Suffolk Spotlight Pointe Shoes

The Spotlight incorporates Suffolk’s patented design that ..
Free Shipping Over $100
No Hassle Returns
Curbside Pickup Available
Text Line Anytime 918-238-4205