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Bloch Prolite II Leather Ballet Shoe S0208L -Black

Bloch Prolite II Leather split sole ballet slipper has a tapered toe and tear drop pad. Quality leather provides great feel and durability. This shoe features a cotton lining, thin cotton drawstring, and soft suede insock for comfort and pre-sewn elastic.


Bloch Dansoft II Split Sole Ballet Shoe S0258L Pink

The Dansoft II is the perfect introductory leather split sole shoe. Shoe features cotton lining for comfort and durability, thin cotton drawstring and pre-sewn elastic strap for immediate use.


Bloch Prolite II Hybrid Ballet Shoe S0203L

Adult leather split sole shoe with a soft canvas arch insert to hug the foot when pointing and minimize wrinkling. Comes with pre-sewn elastic straps for immediate use.


Sansha Pro 1C Split Sole Ballet Shoe

Adult canvas ballet shoe features hand-stitched front sole.