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Bloch Performa Canvas Ballet Shoe S0284L

This super comfortable, lightweight stretch canvas ballet slipper features pre-sewn crossed elastics as well as shock absorbing heel cushioning.


Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Shoe 2039 (FS)

Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Shoes, Style 2039

Size 4 is equivalent to a childrens 1-1.5 Street Shoe.


Bloch Pro Elastic Canvas Ballet Shoe S0621L Pink

Ladies stretch canvas ballet flat with elastic in place of binding and drawstring. Comes with pre-sewn crossed instep elastic.



The elastic system in the mid section of the ‘Elastosplit X’ replaces materials in the mid-foot to reveal the dancer’s arch and minimize bunching underfoot. The elastic system is in an X configuration and contours to the natural lines of the foot.


Bloch Zenith Canvas Ballet Shoe S0282L

Bloch Zenith Ballet Shoe is a ladies stretch canvas ballet flat giving a streamlined fit reflecting contours of the foot while being extremely comfortable.


Sansha Pro 1C Split Sole Ballet Shoe

Adult canvas ballet shoe features hand-stitched front sole.


Sansha Girls Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoe

Pre-sewn canvas split sole ballet shoe for younger dancers.