How pointe shoes should feel to the new and experienced dancer.

A dad was in our shop the other day while I was fitting a dancer in Pointe Shoes. "Ouch!" he exclaimed as she stood on pointe. We all laughed as the man look extremely puzzled that this young girl could "stand on her toes" with a smile on her face.


Pointe shoes should not make you say "Ouch!" When properly fitted in the correct shoe a dancer should be able to dance without pain. Products such as toe pads help ease rubbing and discomfort. Products such as toe spacers help prevent bunions in some cases. These products must be used in conjunction with a proper fitting pointe shoe. We carry 20 different styles of pointe shoes, in sizes 1 youth to 12 adult. We make sure to have plenty of stock to try on the dancer to ensure the best fit, the dancers safety is out biggest priority.

Here are some tips for first timers coming to get their pointe shoes:

1. Come to a fitting wearing tights, this ensures that you will have the same feel while you are trying on shoes as you will have in class.

2. Remember these will need to fit snug. Do not expect these to feel like your bedroom slippers, while pointe shoes should not feel painful- they will feel tighter than shoes you are used to. This allows the shoe to fully support your foot on pointe, and not allow for your foot to shift inside the shoe.

3. Ask your teacher any specifications they may have for you. Teachers may want a dancer in a certain shank strength or brand of shoes based on the dancers skill level. Any information that a teacher may have for a fitter will be helpful to bring along to the fitting.

4. Don’t schedule a fitting right after class, or on the hottest day of the year-  your feet will may be swollen from dancing, which will change the way the shoes fit.

5. Remember to speak up! Be very vocal about how your foot feels in each shoe.  This is important  in order to get you the best fit.

 6. Bring your camera!!! You will want to capture your first time on pointe!!

Please email or call us to schedule your pointe shoe appointment. Teachers are encouraged and welcome to attend for first time fittings. Fittings typically last up to  1 hour, and appointments are encouraged.




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